About The Firm

Nativity rings life journey has been focused on a deep appreciation of all things beautiful. Creating handmade, treasured and unique rings have been our passion for many years. We are proud to carry the finest Gems and are eager with enthusiasm to share them with you.

Our prolific Artists demonstrate extraordinary talent and have achieved universal recognition for their artistic accomplishments all over the world.

Since the early 1900’s, for five generations, our family has been influenced by the vintage and modern stages of jewelry making all over the world. We have managed to develop such a connection to jewelry that it became an integral part of our daily life and religion.

With love, our unique Euro-collection of birthstone rings are designed with the idea of a woman’s presence of style and her prerogative to have a choice with fashion and individually in mind. Each ring has the dedication and sparkle that will last forever.

Jewelry adorns the wearer and carries the sentiment of the giver...forever.

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