Emeralds Emerald have always been synonymous with the color green. It is a precious stone from the Beryl family, and is one of the most desirable stones in the world…


Pave setting

The most famous jewelers in the world use pave settings. What exactly is a pave setting? The term pavé  is French and means “to pave”. As a driveway is paved…

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February, the month for Amethyst

February Some famous Pisceans are Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Daniel Craig, George Washington, Rupert Murdoch, Steve Jobs, and Cindy Crawford. Happy Birthday to all~ Amethyst There are few gems that are both…

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Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is almost here! Valentines Day Valentine's day is the best holiday to give the gift of jewelry, especially a ring. What makes Nativity rings special over other similar rings…

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Nativity Rings New Website

Nativity Rings Two rings in one. contact us nativityrings@gmail.com Facebook Twitter Google-plus Pinterest Instagram

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