Valentine's Day is almost here!

Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is the best holiday to give the gift of jewelry, especially a ring. 

What makes Nativity rings special over other similar rings is that they are truly two-rings-in-one.  There is nothing more to buy, or add, and there is no gimmick to get you to buy additional pieces. You simply ‘flip’ the ring and a second style is revealed!  It’s two looks for the price of one, which is hard to believe with this level of quality and price point. 

Nativity rings are 925 Sterling Silver plated with clients choice of Yellow gold, White gold, or Rose gold.  All stones are prong set by hand with the same sensibility of fine jewelry. Nativity rings are all handmade to order and shipping is free with the USA.   

"Nativity rings deserve an award for engineering!"

"I was really impressed when I saw the ring in action for the first time. I had never seen anything like it and I am exposed to jewelry daily as I work at a nationwide department store in the fine jewelry dept. I could tell the ring was very high quality and was stunned when I learned the price! I thought for sure the ring was going to be at least $1000.00 due to the engineering and labor that clearly went into making it."
Sandra Files

Whether for Valentines day, birthday, Christmas, or because someone is deserving, Nativity rings are a great choice for gift giving in all aspects.  Affordable, impressive, thoughtful, unique, and so pretty!     

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